Chad Simpson Makes It Two for Two in Clash for Cash at Quincy

By Jack Walbring


Chad Simpson took to the Quincy Raceways “Bull Ring” like a fish does to water by sweeping the second night of the MARS/Corn Belt Clash/ALMS Series Clash for Cash. Simpson set the fast time overall, grabbed his heat race win and went on to lead every lap of the forty lap main event. Brandon Sheppard put on a brave challenge to Simpson but was never able to catch the leader and had to settle for the second spot followed by Shannon Babb in third, Brian Shirley in fourth and Jason Perry in fifth. The other heat race winners were Sheppard, Babb and Tyler Reddick. Terry Phillips and Justin Mitchell were the B-Main winners. The win at Quincy gave Simpson a clean sweep of both the 34 Raceway event on Saturday and Quincy on Sunday.

Michael Long and Dave Wietholder put on a great battle for the win in the Miller Lite UMP Modified main event as the two duel side by side over the closing laps with Long edging out Wietholder and the finish line to take the win. Wietholder settled for second with Robbie Reed in third, Jimmy Cummings in fourth and Shawn Deering in fifth. Steven DeLonjay took the dash win with Deering scoring the checkered flag in the heat race.

 Pat “Skippy” Dunker is breaking out the season’s start with his second feature win of the year in the IMCA Sport Compact division in a runaway win over Kimberly Abbott in second, Craig Bangert in third, Bryce Baker in fourth and Gary Stephenson in fifth. Brandon Lambert and Dunker were the heat race winners.


Quincy Raceways


MARS/CBC/ALMS Super Late Models 4/21/2013

A-Main:1. Chad Simpson, 2. Brandon Sheppard, 3. Shannon Babb (Moweaqua, IL), 4. Brian Shirley (Chatham, IL), 5. Jason Perry (Payson, IL), 6. Tony Jackson, 7. Chris Simpson, 8. Tyler Reddick, 9. Terry Phillips, 10. Kevin Weaver (Gibson City, IL), 11. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, il), 12. Scott Schmitt (Tonica, IL), 13. Ryan Unzicker (El Paso, IL), 14. Robby Warner (Quincy, IL), 15. Brandon Thirlby (Traverse City, MI), 16. Walker Dustin, 17. Dave Eckrich, 18. Jake Meier (Tipton, IA), 19. Justin Reed (Collinsville, Il.), 20. Justin Aspline, 21. Justin Mitchell, 22. Doug Herrick, 23. Jesse Stovall, 24. Brunson Behning,


B-Main 1:1. Terry Phillips, 2. Scott Schmitt (Tonica, IL), 3. Ryan Unzicker (El Paso, IL), 4. Brandon Thirlby (Traverse City, MI), 5. Billy Genenbacher (Camp Point, IL), 6. Ed Dixon (Union, MO), 7. Brunson Behning, 8. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 9. Leroy Johnson, 10. Ron McQuerry, 11. Shawn Knuckles,


B-Main 2:1. Justin Mitchell, 2. Robby Warner (Quincy, IL), 3. Justin Reed (Collinsville, Il.), 4. Doug Herrick, 5. Walker Dustin, 6. Justin Aspline, 7. Dave Eckrich, 8. nick Herrick, 9. Mike Hammerle (Saint Charles, MO),


Heat 1:1. Chad Simpson, 2. Jason Perry (Payson, IL), 3. Brian Shirley (Chatham, IL), 4. Scott Schmitt (Tonica, IL), 5. Billy Genenbacher (Camp Point, IL), 6. Ryan Unzicker (El Paso, IL), 7. Shawn Knuckles, 8. Leroy Johnson, 9. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL),


Heat 2:1. Brandon Sheppard, 2. Chris Simpson, 3. Jesse Stovall, 4. Terry Phillips, 5. Brandon Thirlby (Traverse City, MI), 6. Ed Dixon (Union, MO), 7. Brunson Behning, 8. Ron McQuerry,


Heat 3:1. Shannon Babb (Moweaqua, IL), 2. Tony Jackson, 3. Kevin Weaver (Gibson City, IL), 4. Justin Mitchell, 5. Walker Dustin, 6. Justin Reed (Collinsville, Il.), 7. Dave Eckrich,


Heat 4:1. Tyler Reddick, 2. Jake Meier (Tipton, IA), 3. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, il), 4. Robby Warner (Quincy, IL), 5. Doug Herrick, 6. Justin Aspline, 7. Mike Hammerle (Saint Charles, MO), 8. nick Herrick,


Miller Lite UMP Modifieds 4/21/2013

Dash:1. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 2. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 3. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 4. Cummins Jimmy (Highland, il), 5. Chris Spalding (Wellsville, MO), 6. Robbie Reed (Quincy, il, Mo),


Feature:1. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 2. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 3. Robbie Reed (Quincy, il, Mo), 4. Cummins Jimmy (Highland, il), 5. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 6. Chris Spalding (Wellsville, MO), 7. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 8. Derrick Carlson

(Murrayville, IL), 9. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 10. Danny Lake (New London, MO), 11. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 12. Kelly Bartz (Quincy, IL), Heat:1. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 2. Derrick Carlson (Murrayville, IL), 3. Danny Lake (New London, MO), 4. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 5. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 6. Kelly Bartz (Quincy, IL),


IMCA Sport Compact 4/21/2013

Feature:1. Pat Dunker (Ursa, IL), 2. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL), 3. Craig Bangert (Golden, IL), 4. Bryce Baker (QUINCY, IL), 5. Austen Bercerra (Carthage, IL), 6. Jarett Dunker (Ursa, Il.), 7. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 8. Josh Barnes (Keokuk, IA), 9. Haley Porter (Macomb, IL), 10. Gary Stephenson (Quincy, IL), 11. Seith Woodruff (Carthage, IL), 12. Matt Moore (Ottumwa, Ia),


Heat 1:1. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 2. Craig Bangert (Golden, IL), 3. Seith Woodruff (Carthage, IL), 4. Bryce Baker (QUINCY, IL), 5. Gary Stephenson (Quincy, IL), 6. Jarett Dunker (Ursa, Il.),


Heat 2:1. Pat Dunker (Ursa, IL), 2. Josh Barnes (Keokuk, IA), 3. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL), 4. Austen Bercerra (Carthage, IL), 5. Haley Porter (Macomb, IL), 6. Matt Moore (Ottumwa, Ia),



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