Long, Griffaw, Huls, DeLonjay & Grossman Take Quincy Checkeres


By Jack Walbring 

JUNE 2, 2013 - - Michael Long, Rusty Griffaw, Abe Huls, Jeff DeLonjay and Michael Grossman all took feature event wins at Quincy Raceways on Sunday June 2 during Casey’s General Stores Night at the Races.

 Ricky Frankel grabbed the lead of the thirty lap UMP Super Late Model main event and looked like he would be the first repeat feature winner in the division but Dewayne Kiefer battled to catch and then pass Frankel on the fourteenth lap. Two laps later it was Michael Long, who started in the fourth row, blasted past Kiefer to take over the top spot. Long then cruised away for the feature event win, his first this season. Kiefer settled for second followed by Mark Burgtorf in third, Clint Kirkham in fourth and Jared Schlipman in fifth. Mark Burgtorf set fast time with Frankel scoring the checkered flag in the Fast Heat with Jerry Lierly taking the heat race win.

 Rusty Griffaw made his first visit to Quincy Raceways this season a memorable one as he led every lap of the twenty five lap Miller Lite UMP Modified main event. The battle for the second spot was a wild and wooly affair as Dave Wietholder, Jake Griffin, Steven DeLonjay and Kenny Schrader battled for the runnerup spot. Schader gained the advantage after Wietholder slipped up and spun into the infield on the twenty second lap. Jake Griffin held onto the third spot followed by Steven DeLonjay in fourth and Jim Black in fifth. DeLonjay set fast time with Wietholder taking the Fast Dash win with  Chris Spaulding taking the checkered flag in his heat race.

 The IMCA Stock Car Main event came down to a matter of inches at the checkered flag. Michael Larson had led the first twenty four circuits but Abe Huls was able to catch Larson on the final lap. Larson slipped only slightly coming off turn four giving Hulss the opportunity he need to slip past Larson at the checkered flag by a matter of inches. Larson settled for second followed by Terry Houston in third, Jake Powers in fourth and Brandon Savage in fifth. Houston and Savage were the heat race winners.

 Jeff DeLonjay took his first ever Summy Tire and Auto Center IMCA Sport Mod  feature event win in style by holding off a hard charging Tony Dunker at the checkered flag. Brandon Dale scored third followed by Tanner Klingele in fourth and Brad Holtmeyer in fifth. DeLonjay and Bobby Anders were the heat race winners.

 Michael Grossman took the IMCA Sport Compact feature event win over Craig Bangert in second, Brandon Lambert in third, Bryce Baker in fourth and Jacob Tournear in fifth. Grossman and Lane VanZandt were the heat race winners.

 Coming up next at Quincy Raceways will be the annual visit of the Monster Jam Monster Truck Extravaganza on Thursda, Friday and Saturday, June 6,7 and 8. Sunday June 9 will be TnT Harley Davidson Night at the Races. The Pit Gates open at 3:30, Grandstands at 5, Drivers Registration Ends at 5:30, Hot Laps at 6:45 and Racing at 6:30pm. Visiit Quincy Raceways online at www.quincyraceways.com or call the Track Hotline at 217-224-4100 for more information.


Quincy Raceways Results June 2, 2013


UMP Super Late Models 6/2/2013


Feature:1. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 2. Dewayne Kiefer (Ste. Genevieve, mo), 3. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, il), 4. Clint Kirkham (Camden, IL), 5. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 6. Justin Reed (Collinsville, Il.), 7. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 8. Vance Wilson (Quincy, il), 9. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 10. Jason Perry (Payson, IL), 11. Mike Hammerle (Saint Charles, MO), 12. Jeff Riddell (Steward, il), 13. Ron Elbe (Augusta, IL), 14. Robby Warner (Quincy, IL), 15. Cliff Powell (Hannibal, MO), 16. Jerry Lierly (Camp Point, IL),


Dash:1. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 2. Dewayne Kiefer (Ste. Genevieve, mo), 3. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, il), 4. Clint Kirkham (Camden, IL), 5. Jason Perry (Payson, IL), 6. Ron Elbe (Augusta, IL),


Heat:1. Jerry Lierly (Camp Point, IL), 2. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 3. Justin Reed (Collinsville, Il.), 4. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 5. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 6. Robby Warner (Quincy, IL), 7. Vance Wilson (Quincy, il), 8. Jeff Riddell (Steward, il), 9. Mike Hammerle (Saint Charles, MO), 10. Cliff Powell (Hannibal, MO),


UMP Modifieds 6/2/2013

Feature:1. Rusty Griffaw (Festus, MO), 2. Ken Schrader (Concord, NC), 3. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 4. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 5. Jim Black (Bonne Terre, MO), 6. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 7. Frankie Wellman (Quincy, IL), 8. Chris Spalding (Wellsville, MO), 9. Craig Spegal (New London, MO), 10. Kelly Bartz (Quincy, IL), 11. James Leffew (Quincy, IL), 12. Ryan Porter (Colchester, IL), 13. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 14. Terry Gallaher (Hannibal, MO),


Heat:1. Chris Spalding (Wellsville, MO), 2. Jim Black (Bonne Terre, MO), 3. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 4. Craig Spegal (New London, MO), 5. James Leffew (Quincy, IL), 6. Ryan Porter (Colchester, IL), 7. Kelly Bartz (Quincy, IL), 8. Terry Gallaher (Hannibal, MO),


Dash:1. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 2. Rusty Griffaw (Festus, MO), 3. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 4. Ken Schrader (Concord, NC), 5. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 6. Frankie Wellman (Quincy, IL),


IMCA Stock Cars 6/2/2013

Feature:1. Abe Huls (Carthage, IL), 2. Michael Larsen (Hannibal, MO), 3. Terry Houston (Mt. Sterling, IL), 4. Jake Powers (Plainville, IL), 5. Brandon Savage (Canton, MO), 6. Jerry Jansen (Plainville, IL), 7. Steve Carlin (Hannibal, Mo), 8. Darin Lambert (Carthage, IL), 9. Jim Powell (Hannibal, MO), 10. Nathan Anders (Quincy, IL), 11. Beau Taylor (Canton, MO),


Heat 1:1. Terry Houston (Mt. Sterling, IL), 2. Jim Powell (Hannibal, MO), 3. Nathan Anders (Quincy, IL), 4. Steve Carlin (Hannibal, Mo), 5. Jake Powers (Plainville, IL), 6. Darin Lambert (Carthage, IL),


Heat 2:1. Brandon Savage (Canton, MO), 2. Michael Larsen (Hannibal, MO), 3. Abe Huls (Carthage, IL), 4. Jerry Jansen (Plainville, IL), 5. Beau Taylor (Canton, MO),


IMCA Northern SportMods 6/2/2013

Feature:1. Jeff Delonjay (Quincy, IL), 2. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 3. Brandon Dale (gorin, mo), 4. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, Il), 5. Bradley Holtmeyer (Quincy, IL), 6. Bucky Gollaher (Hannibal, mo), 7. Jon Lear (Barry, IL), 8. Charles VanZandt (Camp Point, il), 9. Michael Bliven (Quincy, IL), 10. Bobby Anders (Quincy, IL),


Heat 1:1. Jeff Delonjay (Quincy, IL), 2. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 3. Charles VanZandt (Camp Point, il), 4. Michael Bliven (Quincy, IL), 5. Bucky Gollaher (Hannibal, mo), 6. Jon Lear (Barry, IL),


Heat 2:1. Bobby Anders (Quincy, IL), 2. Brandon Dale (gorin, mo), 3. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, Il), 4. Bradley Holtmeyer (Quincy, IL),


IMCA Sport Compact 6/2/2013

Feature:1. Michael Grossman (Keokuk, IA), 2. Craig Bangert (Golden, IL), 3. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 4. Bryce Baker (QUINCY, IL), 5. Jacob tournear (Quincy, IL), 6. Alex Baker (QUINCY, IL), 7. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL), 8. Austen Bercerra (Carthage, IL), 9. Pat Dunker (Ursa, IL), 10. Gary Stephenson (Quincy, IL), 11. Laine VanZandt (Camp Point, IL), 12. Casey Lambert (Carthage, il), 13. Josh Barnes (Keokuk, IA),


Heat 1:1. Michael Grossman (Keokuk, IA), 2. Craig Bangert (Golden, IL), 3. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 4. Bryce Baker (QUINCY, IL), 5. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL), 6. Jacob tournear (Quincy, IL), 7. Gary Stephenson (Quincy, IL),


Heat 2:1. Laine VanZandt (Camp Point, IL), 2. Austen Bercerra (Carthage, IL), 3. Pat Dunker (Ursa, IL), 4. Alex Baker (QUINCY, IL), 5. Casey Lambert (Carthage, il), 6. Josh Barnes (Keokuk, IA),

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