Babb Takes Quincy Raceways Hell Tour Laurels

QUINCY, IL (July 2, 2013) – ”Honestly, it’s getting tough for me,” Shannon Babb said. “I don’t know how much longer I’m going to want to do this.”

Chance are, however, that Babb isn’t planning on giving up the UMP Summer Nationals Hell Tour anytime soon — not if Tuesday night at Quincy Raceways was any indication.

Babb, always a popular figure at 8000 Broadway, lived up to his nickname — “The Moweaqua Missile” — when his kamikaze style of dirt-track racing powered his familiar No. 18 Super Late Model to a relatively easy 2.137-second win over Hell Tour rival Brian Shirley before an electric crowd of 3,118. Shirley won the 2012 race in Quincy.

The victory, worth $5,000, was the 39-year-old Babb’s third Hell Tour triumph at the Bullring, second of the year and the 78th of his Summer Nationals career that dates to 1998.

Babb is only four Hell Tour victories behind Summer Nationals living legend Billy “Mr. Smooth” Moyer of Batesville, Ark. Moyer, 55, now races just a handful of Hell Tour events each season.

“I can remember the first win … and now here we are, with 70-some of them,” Babb said. “It would be nice to be able to (pass Moyer).”
The victory also helped soothe what has been a mildly frustrating 2013 tour for Babb, who currently sits third in points, but still trails leader Brandon Sheppard by a sizable 108 points.

“There’s still a lot of races to go, but we probably won’t be able to catch Sheppard,” said Babb, who has three Hell Tour titles to his credit (2011, 2006, 2005). “He would have to have something bad happen to him.”

Tuesday night marked the 13th leg of this year’s 31-races-in-39-nights schedule that will take drivers like Babb who run the full tour across eight states and 5,700 miles. There were 37 late models on hand in Quincy, representing Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan and California.

Rounding out the top 10 finishers were Bobby Pierce, Brandon Divley, Sheppard, Jason Perry, Kevin Weaver, Tyler Reddick, Randy Korte and Denny Woodworth.

Perry, who won the 2012 track title in Quincy, and Woodworth, the 2010 track champ, were the top local finishers. Pierce is the son of 1995 Hell Tour champ Bob Pierce and Korte won the first Summer Nationals race in Quincy in 2006.

Dustin Griffin of Camp Point — the “Black Car Superstar” — finished 15th, but is seventh in tour points. He is the only local driver making an effort to run the entire Summer Nationals schedule.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I had wanted to run the Hell Tour,” said Griffin, 26, who led the Bullring in feature (5) and total (18) victories a year ago. “It’s a different lifestyle, a no-sleep lifestyle. A lot of times you pack up after a race, drive all night, get to the next track at 3 or 4 in the morning, get a few hours sleep and then start working on the car.

“It’s a tough deal, both mentally and physically, but you can’t do anything better to make yourself better than to run the Hell Tour. I really wish I’d have done this earlier in my career.”

The Hell Tour Kiddie Korps put on another solid showing Tuesday evening. Sheppard, Pierce and Reddick — who all finished in the top eight and who all are in the top seven in points — are all 20 or younger. Sheppard, the “old man” of the group at 20, has already has run all or part of five Hell Tours.
“You have to realize that some nights you don’t have a car that is capable of winning,” said Sheppard, who calls New Berlin, Ill., his home. “You get what you can and try not to tear up your equipment. Our goal is to always win races, but sometimes you have to just (get all the points you can). The big thing is winning the championship — the points are always in the back of your mind.”

Five other local drivers earned berths in the 22-car main event. Mark Burgtorf was 17th, Jerry Lierly 18th, Ricky Frankel 20th, Michael Long 21st and Clint Kirkham 22nd.

Local hotshoes fared better in the support series when Steven DeLonjay won the UMP Summit Racing Modifed nationals event and Tony Dunker took the checkers in the King of the Bullring Sport Mod Shootout.

DeLonjay has been close to unbeatable this year on his home track. His latest victory earned him $1,000 and gave him six feature victories in eight events. The 4.775-second victory over Dave Wietholder was the widest modified margin of victory this season at the track. Wietholder, who led the first 18 laps, has finished second four times this year. Other top local finishers were Michael Long in sixth and Shawn Deering in eighth. Long won the event in 2012.

Dunker withstood a late charge from his sport mod protege, Abe Huls, to be crowned King of the Bullring and win $1,003. Dunker has finished first (15) or second (6) in 21 consecutive features dating to 2012.

Dunker led most of the caution-marred main event in comfortable fashion until Huls made a run during the closing two laps. Huls fell .404 of a second shy of catching Dunker.

Huls is only in his second week behind the wheel of a sport mod. He’s normally a stock car driver who won the 2009 track title and established a series record a year ago with 11 feature wins.

Other top local sport mod finishers were Brandon Dale in third, Charles Van Zandt in fourth, Joe Bliven fifth, Tanner Klingele sixth and Brad Holtmeyer ninth.

Quincy Raceways Results

Super Late Models 7/2/2013

A-Main:1. Shannon Babb (Moweaqua, IL), 2. Brian Shirley (Chatham, IL), 3. Bobby Pierce (Oakwood, IL), 4. Brian Divley (Springfield, IL), 5. Brandon Sheppard (New Berlin, IL), 6. Jason Perry (Payson, IL), 7. Kevin Weaver (Gibson City, IL), 8. Tyler Reddick (Corning, CA), 9. Randy Korte (Harrisburg, IL), 10. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 11. Matt Furman (Columbus, OH), 12. Scott Schmitt (Tonica, IL), 13. Frank Heckenast Jr (Frankfurt, IL), 14. Ryan Unzicker (El Paso, IL), 15. Dustin Griffin (Camp Point, IL), 16. Jason McBride (Carbondale, IL), 17. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, IL), 18. Jerry Lierly (Camp Point, IL), 19. Rusty Schlenk (Weston, OH), 20. Richey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 21. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 22. Clint Kirkham (Camden, IL),

B-Main:1. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 2. Matt Furman (Columbus, OH), 3. Tim Lance (Brimfield, IL), 4. Tanner English (Benton, KY), 5. Jason Riggs (Harrisburg, IL), 6. Justin Reed (Collinsville, IL), 7. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 8. Jason Jaggers (Wyanet, IL), 9. Billy Genebacher (Camp Point, IL), 10. Ron Elbe (Augusta, IL), 11. Mike Hammerle (St Charles, IL), 12. Terry English (Benton, KY), 13. Jason McBride (Carbondale, IL), 14. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, IL), 15. LakeKnutti (Lanark, IL), 16. Rusty Schlenk (Weston, OH),

C-Main:1. Billy Genebacher (Camp Point, IL), 2. Ron Elbe (Augusta, IL), 3. LakeKnutti (Lanark, IL), 4. Mike Hammerle (St Charles, IL), 5. Terry Knutti (Lanark, IL), 6. Cliff Powell (Hannibal, MO), 7. Joseph Joiner (Milton, FL), 8. Dustin Griffin (Camp Point, IL), 9. Todd Frank (Mellen, WI),

Heat Race 1:1. Brian Shirley (Chatham, IL), 2. Jason Perry (Payson, IL), 3. Frank Heckenast Jr (Frankfurt, IL), 4. Randy Korte (Harrisburg, IL), 5. Tim Lance (Brimfield, IL), 6. Jason McBride (Carbondale, IL), 7. Justin Reed (Collinsville, IL), 8. Ron Elbe (Augusta, IL), 9. Joseph Joiner (Milton, FL), 10. Cliff Powell (Hannibal, MO),

Heat Race 2:1. Bobby Pierce (Oakwood, IL), 2. Richey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 3. Kevin Weaver (Gibson City, IL), 4. Clint Kirkham (Camden, IL), 5. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 6. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, IL), 7. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 8. Dustin Griffin (Camp Point, IL), 9. LakeKnutti (Lanark, IL),

Heat Race 3:1. Brian Divley (Springfield, IL), 2. Tyler Reddick (Corning, CA), 3. Scott Schmitt (Tonica, IL), 4. Jerry Lierly (Camp Point, IL), 5. Terry English (Benton, KY), 6. Tanner English (Benton, KY), 7. Jason Riggs (Harrisburg, IL), 8. Terry Knutti (Lanark, IL), 9. Todd Frank (Mellen, WI),

Heat Race 4:1. Shannon Babb (Moweaqua, IL), 2. Ryan Unzicker (El Paso, IL), 3. Brandon Sheppard (New Berlin, IL), 4. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 5. Matt Furman (Columbus, OH), 6. Rusty Schlenk (Weston, OH), 7. Jason Jaggers (Wyanet, IL), 8. Billy Genebacher (Camp Point, IL), 9. Mike Hammerle (St Charles, IL),

Qualifying 1:1. Brian Shirley (Chatham, IL), 2. Jason Perry (Payson, IL), 3. Frank Heckenast Jr (Frankfurt, IL), 4. Tim Lance (Brimfield, IL), 5. Randy Korte (Harrisburg, IL), 6. Jason McBride (Carbondale, IL), 7. Justin Reed (Collinsville, IL), 8. Joseph Joiner (Milton, FL), 9. Ron Elbe (Augusta, IL), 10. Cliff Powell (Hannibal, MO),

Qualifying 2:1. Bobby Pierce (Oakwood, IL), 2. Dustin Griffin (Camp Point, IL), 3. Kevin Weaver (Gibson City, IL), 4. Richey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 5. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 6. Clint Kirkham (Camden, IL), 7. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, IL), 8. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 9. LakeKnutti (Lanark, IL),

Qualifying 3:1. Brian Divley (Springfield, IL), 2. Terry English (Benton, KY), 3. Scott Schmitt (Tonica, IL), 4. Tyler Reddick (Corning, CA), 5. Jerry Lierly (Camp Point, IL), 6. Jason Riggs (Harrisburg, IL), 7. Tanner English (Benton, KY), 8. Todd Frank (Mellen, WI), 9. Terry Knutti (Lanark, IL),

Qualifying 4:1. Shannon Babb (Moweaqua, IL), 2. Ryan Unzicker (El Paso, IL), 3. Brandon Sheppard (New Berlin, IL), 4. Jason Jaggers (Wyanet, IL), 5. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 6. Rusty Schlenk (Weston, OH), 7. Billy Genebacher (Camp Point, IL), 8. Matt Furman (Columbus, OH), 9. Mike Hammerle (St Charles, IL),

Modifieds 7/2/2013

A-Main:1. Steven Delongay (Quincy, IL), 2. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 3. Matt Goulden (Springfield, IL), 4. Rusty Griffaw (Festus, MO), 5. Jim Black (Bonne Terre, MO), 6. MIchael Long (Fowler, IL), 7. Tyler Nicely (Owensboro, KY), 8. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 9. Ray Bollinger (Kewaee, IL), 10. Michael Stuckey (Desoto, MO), 11. Kenny Wallace (St Louis, MO), 12. Lodge Donovan (Davenport, IO), 13. Brock Bauman (Eureka, IL), 14. Jeff Curl (Forrest, IL), 15. Robbie Reed (Mexico, MO), 16. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 17. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 18. Ryan Porter (Colchester, IL), 19. Steven Brooks (New Lenox, IL), 20. Tyler Deibert (Highland, IL), 21. Cody Bauman (Eurela, IL), 22. Brian Lynn (Maun City, IL),

B-Main:1. Lodge Donovan (Davenport, IO), 2. Brian Lynn (Maun City, IL), 3. Ryan Porter (Colchester, IL), 4. Terry Gallaher (Hannibal, MO), 5. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 6. Robbie Reed (Mexico, MO), 7. Tyler Deibert (Highland, IL), 8. DannyLake (New London, MO), 9. Shane Lewis (Laharpe, IL), 10. Mitch Landrum (O’Fallon, MO), 11. Russell Schoonover (Colchester, IL), 12. Chuck Beddngfield (Virginia, IL), 13. Seth Woodruff (Hamilton, IL), 14. Robert Thompson (Colchester, IL),

Heat Race 1:1. Matt Goulden (Springfield, IL), 2. Jim Black (Bonne Terre, MO), 3. Ray Bollinger (Kewaee, IL), 4. Kenny Wallace (St Louis, MO), 5. Lodge Donovan (Davenport, IO), 6. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 7. Russell Schoonover (Colchester, IL), 8. Robert Thompson (Colchester, IL),

Heat Race 2:1. Steven Delongay (Quincy, IL), 2. Tyler Nicely (Owensboro, KY), 3. Brock Bauman (Eureka, IL), 4. Michael Stuckey (Desoto, MO), 5. Terry Gallaher (Hannibal, MO), 6. DannyLake (New London, MO), 7. Chuck Beddngfield (Virginia, IL), 8. Seth Woodruff (Hamilton, IL),

Heat Race 3:1. Rusty Griffaw (Festus, MO), 2. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 3. Jeff Curl (Forrest, IL), 4. Steven Brooks (New Lenox, IL), 5. Brian Lynn (Maun City, IL), 6. Robbie Reed (Mexico, MO), 7. Mitch Landrum (O’Fallon, MO),

Heat Race 4:1. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 2. MIchael Long (Fowler, IL), 3. Cody Bauman (Eurela, IL), 4. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 5. Ryan Porter (Colchester, IL), 6. Tyler Deibert (Highland, IL), 7. Shane Lewis (Laharpe, IL),

Qualifying 1:1. Matt Goulden (Springfield, IL), 2. Jim Black (Bonne Terre, MO), 3. Kenny Wallace (St Louis, MO), 4. Ray Bollinger (Kewaee, IL), 5. Lodge Donovan (Davenport, IO), 6. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 7. Russell Schoonover (Colchester, IL), 8. Robert Thompson (Colchester, IL),

Qualifying 2:1. Steven Delongay (Quincy, IL), 2. Tyler Nicely (Owensboro, KY), 3. Michael Stuckey (Desoto, MO), 4. Brock Bauman (Eureka, IL), 5. DannyLake (New London, MO), 6. Terry Gallaher (Hannibal, MO), 7. Seth Woodruff (Hamilton, IL), 8. Chuck Beddngfield (Virginia, IL),

Qualifying 3:1. Jeff Curl (Forrest, IL), 2. Steven Brooks (New Lenox, IL), 3. Rusty Griffaw (Festus, MO), 4. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 5. Robbie Reed (Mexico, MO), 6. Brian Lynn (Maun City, IL), 7. Mitch Landrum (O’Fallon, MO),

Qualifying 4:1. MIchael Long (Fowler, IL), 2. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 3. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 4. Cody Bauman (Eurela, IL), 5. Shane Lewis (Laharpe, IL), 6. Ryan Porter (Colchester, IL), 7. Tyler Deibert (Highland, IL),

IMCA Northern SportMods 7/2/2013

A-Main KOBR:1. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 2. Abe Huls (Carthage, IL), 3. Brandon Dale (gorin, mo), 4. Charles VanZandt (Camp Point, il), 5. Michael Bliven (Quincy, IL), 6. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, Il), 7. Rick Barlow Jr (Montrose, IA), 8. Bob Cowman (Quincy, IL), 9. Bradley Holtmeyer (Quincy, IL), 10. Jim Gillenwater (Keokuk, Ia), 11. Terry HOuston (Mt. Sterling, IL), 12. Greg Uppinghouse (Plainville, IL), 13. Jason Baker (Bushnell, il), 14. Nick Roberts (Des Moines, IL), 15. Jeff Delonjay (Quincy, IL), 16. Austin Heacock (Peason, ia), 17. Jon Lear (Barry, IL), 18. Chris Larson (Keokuk, IA),

Heat 1:1. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 2. Jim Gillenwater (Keokuk, Ia), 3. Nick Roberts (Des Moines, IL), 4. Brandon Dale (gorin, mo), 5. Greg Uppinghouse (Plainville, IL), 6. Chris Larson (Keokuk, IA),

Heat 2:1. Charles VanZandt (Camp Point, il), 2. Abe Huls (Carthage, IL), 3. Bradley Holtmeyer (Quincy, IL), 4. Michael Bliven (Quincy, IL), 5. Jason Baker (Bushnell, il), 6. Jon Lear (Barry, IL),

Heat 3:1. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, Il), 2. Jeff Delonjay (Quincy, IL), 3. Austin Heacock (Peason, ia), 4. Terry HOuston (Mt. Sterling, IL), 5. Rick Barlow Jr (Montrose, IA), 6. Bob Cowman (Quincy, IL),

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